Friday, April 17, 2009

Felt Board

So, I've had this cork board out in my garage for months and now that I'm finally cleaning out the garage I had to make a decision. Toss or Repurpose? I chose to repurpose and this is what I made.

I decided to make it blue so that it could be "sky" sometime but today it's the "Red" board. I plan to make objects to go along with each color so that we can use this as practice. I have great visions of having the words Red, Yellow and Green up on the board and Zach putting the pieces that match under each word. I know it might be a while before he understands the game but I think it will be a great learning tool. AND- I'm not copying anyone. Horray! I was kinda creative.
I do plan on adding seeds to the watermelon and STOP on the stop sign so this isn't quite the finished product but you get the idea.
On a semi-related point: I accidentally got TONS of blue felt. Like OH- 4x what I needed. I kinda said yards when I meant feet and... well, you do the math. Anybody need blue felt?


  1. I LOVE this idea. It is perfect for teaching little people colors and it doesn't seem like it can be destroyed by going inside someones mouth. I think I might have to copy you for a Christmas present to my little guy this year.

  2. wow I like your red felt pieces- great idea!