Friday, April 17, 2009

Felt Board

So, I've had this cork board out in my garage for months and now that I'm finally cleaning out the garage I had to make a decision. Toss or Repurpose? I chose to repurpose and this is what I made.

I decided to make it blue so that it could be "sky" sometime but today it's the "Red" board. I plan to make objects to go along with each color so that we can use this as practice. I have great visions of having the words Red, Yellow and Green up on the board and Zach putting the pieces that match under each word. I know it might be a while before he understands the game but I think it will be a great learning tool. AND- I'm not copying anyone. Horray! I was kinda creative.
I do plan on adding seeds to the watermelon and STOP on the stop sign so this isn't quite the finished product but you get the idea.
On a semi-related point: I accidentally got TONS of blue felt. Like OH- 4x what I needed. I kinda said yards when I meant feet and... well, you do the math. Anybody need blue felt?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Card Swap Preview

So, they aren't super fancy. I'm still learning. But I LOVE the paper and I actually did something that is Totally out of the box for me. I tore! I did the little ripped edge look. I'm such a perfectionist that I have a really hard time with tearing paper and being OK with the outcome but I actually liked how these turned out. I'm learning to love the imperfections in my creations. It's what makes them homemade afterall right?

Placemat Bag

I'm sure you've seen those placemat purses around. VERY cute- however, I am a recovering purse-aholic so I've been trying really hard to avoid adding to my collection. NOW- that does not prohibit me from collecting a bag or two. As long as they have a specific purpose. This bag was actually inspired by one a girl at my church used to carry her primary stuff in. Though hers was all cute and ribbon-ey. I was just trying to work with what I happened to have on hand. Most placemat purses are made with a single placemat. In order to get a larger, more- baglike creation I used TWO placemats sewn together and then a single strip of tan strap to creat the handles. It may not be as cute as one of those bamboo handles but it's cheap and functional.
The reason I finally was able to allow myself another bag to add to my collection was that I needed something to carry our library books now that Zach and I have started making weekly trips. We've really enjoyed it, AND it means I get to enjoy my bag. HORRAY!
If I were to do it again: I'd sew the strap on BEFORE I sew up the sides. That would make it a TON easier to maneuver around my sewing machine.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Best Mac 'N Cheese

I have discovered the best Mac 'N Cheese EVER!
This is a classic Pioneer Woman recipe and I love it. I have tried to make homemade mac 'n cheese many times but it always came out so bland and mushy. This one had a great kick and was so nice and smooth.

The secret ingredient: Ground Mustard!

I would never have thought of using it but it really gave it a nice flavor. I also learned about tempering eggs. I've never done that before. Now I feel so gourmet!

The one thing I wish I had done was left the noodles a bit more Al Dente (See I'm gourmet now) I think it would have held up better for leftovers. Really! Check out the recipe HERE

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How Firm A Foundation

This is how I taught my kids "How Firm A Foundation" in primary a couple of weeks ago.
As we added each new picture, starting from the bottom, I had a child come up and "hammer" it on with a toy hammer. They got a kick out of it and they seemed to really pick up the words quick.
After they built it I turned it around to reveal the chorus on the back.

Thank You

Just starting some brainstorming for that card swap again. The background on this was done with a stencil.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tutu Final

So- this tutu has already been picked up. I ended up making 2 detachable bows for it. The pink one you saw earlier and then this one that I just LOVED. The mother told me that she was going to be wearing a brown monkey shirt with it so I thought this would be perfect. So cute! Man I need a girl don't I.

PomPom Princess Wand

I decided the wand was a little gigantic so I trimmed it down and added a bow. I just love it. I wish I could come up with a reason I could carry it around and play with it all day. :)