Friday, April 10, 2009

Best Mac 'N Cheese

I have discovered the best Mac 'N Cheese EVER!
This is a classic Pioneer Woman recipe and I love it. I have tried to make homemade mac 'n cheese many times but it always came out so bland and mushy. This one had a great kick and was so nice and smooth.

The secret ingredient: Ground Mustard!

I would never have thought of using it but it really gave it a nice flavor. I also learned about tempering eggs. I've never done that before. Now I feel so gourmet!

The one thing I wish I had done was left the noodles a bit more Al Dente (See I'm gourmet now) I think it would have held up better for leftovers. Really! Check out the recipe HERE


  1. Thanks for posting this YUMMA-YUMMA of a recipe :) As soon as I read it, I knew i just HAD to make it for dinner. As luck would have it, I had all of the ingredients on hand ....even the ground mustard!! Wow! It was a big hit with everyone :) I even sprinkled some "panko flakes" on top of the cheese before I baked it and after the cook time was over I broiled it on "low" until the crumbs went nice and golden brown. You've gotta keep your eye on it the whole time it broils or else it might burn. That almost happened to me. Anyway --- thanks for sharing :)

  2. I had it a few weeks back and I can attest to its amazingness.