Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Since I've become a stay at home mom, I've decided to take on some new learning opportunies. I've always been excited by new things so this blog is my venue to learning my latest skill- Cooking! (With a little photography included)

When I first married my husband seven years ago I had ZERO I mean ZERO skill in the kitchen. I was known to burn everything- including just plain water. I was also quoted to have said "you can make pancakes without bisquik?" and will never live it down. However, now that I have 2 mouths to feed in addition to my own, my own kitchen and a computer full of cooking tips I am ready to tame the beast of Man's hunger.

We do face some dietary ristrictions that have become a challenge to cooking so this will be an adventure. For those of you who visit this blog you may notice a lack of onions, peppers, pinapple, and a few otherwise widely used ingredients. Just so you know, it's on purpose.

SO, without further adieu- WELCOME and Enjoy!


  1. We definitely come from the same family. I lack the necessary skill of cooking and am trying to work on it too. Good to know someone else has this problem.
    By the way, SEVEN YEARS!!! That is crazy! We just celebrated six. I can't believe it's been so long!! :-)

  2. When I got married 9 years ago, I could only cook about 4 real things and then many other boxed items. We got sick of those four things and of hamburger helper, etc very quickly! I now have a huge long list of recipes and favorites to choose from when I plan our menu and have learned that I love to cook!! But I am always looking for new recipes and ideas, so I'll be a regular!! Because we have no restaurants in our town, we've been dying for Chinese food. That is where I am focusing my study these days. Frydrys is a good place to start!